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Environmental Health

Environmental health are a local body appointed or operated by your local council and they are responsible for ensuring that you are running your operation in accordance with current legislation.

They will asses your building, waste management, hygiene and many other practices within your operation and have the power to halt your operation if you are found to be in breach of the legislation. We can assess and advise so you stay on the right side of law.

Waterboard and Environment Agency/SEPA

We can advise and submit your water board and environment agency applications.


Oban Ales can come to your site and modify existing plant to suit your needs.

Brewery Layout

After running our own brewery and planning many others Oban Ales can advise on the best way to maximize your floor space and operating efficiency. Brewery work involves a lot of heavy lifting and can take its toll on the body, so by carefully planning your layout at the start, it will pay dividends in the future.


Oban Ales can provide new and second hand equipment at competitive prices. From pumps to tanks to elements, use our buying power to your advantage.

Electrical Installation

Oban Ales can provide independent, fully qualified electricians to design, install and sign off works completed for your building warrant.

Self Builds

Tailored for those who have the knowledge to build there own brewery but just need a point in the right direction.


We can file your planning application from start to finsh or just guide you round the obstacles that are thrown in your path.We can also submit your application for a building warrant